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With Jaey, you choose YOU!

Jaey is INDIA's FIRST artificial intelligence enabled women's western work-wear brand, offering completely customizable outfits in SizeYOU! We want to make every woman feel confident in her own skin, and be able to wear outfits of her choice, no matter her size or shape!

Solving REAL problems!

Jaey took birth when 300+ working women shared they had a problem finding the best fitting classiest workwear in India! Most women complained about sizing & styling being the biggest problems.

SizeYOU - For YOUR curves

You're unique, and so is your body! Why should you be forced to be tagged by letters or numbers? Hence we introduced SizeYOU - your body, your size! All Jaey outfits can be tailor-made to fit your curves perfectly!

Re-imagining Work-wear

Why should workwear be boring and limited to the usual 4-5 colors and patterns? We at Jaey offer some really premium, classy designs, and colors, customizable as per your style and size! Dress to express and impress, the classiest way with Jaey!

Epitome of Convenience

Today's busy woman needs to be able to wear what she likes, without having to go through all the hassles of endless returns, alterations, or a 1000 scrolls. Jaey brings home a designer-like experience without you having to step out of the house!

Customizable Luxury

We enable you to buy what you want, rather than what's available! Customize EVERYTHING as per your style and choice, in the most amazing, premium fabrics - your comfort is our priority!

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